The Internet is our basic need. Although it is not enlisted in the basic need, many people cannot live a day without using an internet connection. Router made everything easier. If you have a single internet connection in your home and then you can make the connection aired with the router, and multiple devices can use the same internet connection. They just divide the total internet speed. The router is a not a very expensive product. There are many types and many brands of routers. You should always buy a router which is popular in the market and manufacturer of the router provide best customer care support to the users. Below is the guide of IP Configuration

In this case, I suggest users choose Linksys or D-Link routers. You may buy the Tenda router. All these routers use same IP address as router default IP address. This default IP address is the main key for login to the router control panel. You need to set up the Internet and other settings on the router. That is why you should read the router manually. In the manual, you will get all of the instruction what you need to use for router and Wi-Fi. Router Admin Login & Password:

Just type the default IP address on the browser address bar and press enter button. You will see a login form where you need to use username and password. When you press the enter button, then you will be logged into the router. On the router, you have to set up all necessary setting as if you can use the internet and use Wi-Fi. All of the routers especially home routers use Wizard tool for setup internet fast. You do not need to worry. If you use wizard tool, then it will take 2/3 minutes to setup Wi-Fi connection. Every expert suggests users save time and to use the wizard tool. Users can manually put the setting information. Experts can put settings manually.

What to do If you have Forgotten your Default Login Details?

It is one of the most common problems faced while accessing the router settings. What if you have forgotten the recently changed password of your router? Don’t worry!

You have three options to try; Reset the router to factory settings or you can reset your router with the help of web-based setup page or you can change the details by utilizing administrative privileges.

In closing, This is a IP Configuration of any wireless router. I hope you understand well this article and If you have to say anything regarding on this then leave a comment below.