or 192.168.2.l is the default IP address used by many routers, especially brands such as D-Link and Netgear. Only one machine on a network can use. is a class An IP address which is held for private framework, we can generally watch this IPV4 address used by switch preparing plants as their switches’ default entrance address. Other commonly used held IP addresses are and 192.168.2.l. Standing out from open IP addresses (in the event that you are using a dial-up framework, you can check your open IP at various locales) which ought to be stand-out in the entire web. A popular Ip address, 192.168.l0.1, 192.168.l00.1

How to login to the modem?

If you have recently set up a new cable modem, the fiber-optic gateway or wireless router will usually not work straight out of the box. Your modem or gateway does not have wireless capability, so this is especially true if you add a router to it. it can often be misleading to work with the router, require configuring the gateway or modem, and entering an IP address into the web browser. This IP address is usually found in the back or guide of your device, such as the default username and password.

How to enter ?

If you are installing a single device, this IP address is usually Even if you have a direct modem or network connection to the Internet and your PC, try this address on your browser even if it says I can not get it on the Internet. You will most likely get a username and password screen.

Login to Router Admin using

In the address bar of your browser the first type make the entry in the router console.
If you entered the numbers correctly, the corresponding user name and password, you are prompted to enter your information. Them if you do not have your user name and password of the router, check the list.
After you have access to the console of your router, you can make many different settings. Any networked machine can utilise since this is a private IPv4 network address.
Make sure to without registering more than one connected device to prevent IP address conflicts.